Critical Illness Insurance

Why is Critical Illness insurance important?  Most people will think about protecting their family if they die but what happens if you become critically ill.  How will you keep up mortgage repayments if you are no longer able to work?

Flagstone Group - critical illness insurance

How will you replace your Income and keep up with the mortgage payments if you are no longer able to work? Critical illness is a policy set up to pay out a lump sum or replace income if the person insured suffers a critical illness covered by the policy within a specified term.

Our fully qualified advisers are able to provide you with the most suitable advice to meet your needs and provide you with quotes from the whole of market.

You will receive a Key Features document prior to taking out a policy. This will set out in detail any conditions or limitations of the policy.

If you fail to keep up with premium payments you will be unable to claim back any of the payments you have made

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