Life Insurance 

As Independent Advisers we have access to the Whole of the protection market and can advise on the most competitive and suitable products available.  Why is life insurance important? Life insurance can pay off large debts (like your mortgage) and protect your family by providing for them if you die.

Flagstone Group - Life Insurance

The most basic type of life insurance is Term Assurance. Term Assurance can either be Level Term Assurance (where the amount you are covered for stays the same throughout the policy term) or Decreasing Term Assurance (where the amount you are covered for decreases over a term) usually to cover repayment mortgages.

Our fully qualified advisers are ready to answer any questions you may have about life insurance and provide you with the most suitable advice for your needs.

If you fail to pay your monthly premiums you will be unable to claim or receive back any of the payments you have made.

You will receive a Key Features document prior to taking out the policy, this will set out in detail any conditions of limitations of the policy.

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